Urgent & Emergency Care - Fairfield Hospital [Bury]

The urgent and emergency care services at Fairfield General Hospital in Bury offers a full range of urgent and emergency care to patients who attend A&E.

The A&E department has 5 resuscitation bays, 17 assessment bays / rooms, 3 rapid assessment bays and a dedicated room for patients with mental health needs, a dedicated same day care facility, providing integrated urgent care services to the local population, with a dedicated ENP, ANP and primary care service.  The department benefits from the following support:  

  • Close working links with the mental health liaison service – available 24/7  

  • The duty consultant will be expected to provide direct “shop floor” presence, being clinically involved in patients across all areas of the department and providing direct care to patients as well as supervision of other members of the clinical team.  

  • 2 hourly “quality rounds” are undertaken of all patients in the department to ensure that safety is maintained for patients requiring admission as well as those under review.  

  • The department has admission rights for patients with minor head injuries on the Acute Medical Unit and the duty consultant will be expected to review these.  

The Acute Medical Unit (AMU) at FGH is a 40 bedded unit with an integrated Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU). 

  • The AMU accepts medical referrals from A&E, GP’s and outpatient clinics. 

  • There are daily consultant ward rounds to review all patients. 

  • There is a dedicated Acute Medicine junior doctor team.  

  • Close working with clinicians in medical subspecialties and the Emergency department. 

  • Supportive educational and teaching environment for doctors in training and medical students. 

  • Physician of the Day on call rota provided by General Physician who reviews patients on the AMU after 1700 hours until 2000 hours following hand over by the Acute Physician. 

  • Care of the elderly ward rounds and Cardiology in reach Monday –Friday. 

  • The Acute Physicians will be expected to provide prospective cover for annual leave. 

  • The AMU is managed by an 8A Clinical Manager/Matron and supported by a Band 7 Sister. 

  • The unit has a dedicated Pharmacist and an MDT approach to working. 

Patients who require urgent and emergency care will be offered the full range of care and services. 

Patients can self present to the front of A&E and will be triaged by the Pre-Ed Triage Clinical Streamer who will decided on the best pathway for the patient.  They are access treatment at the urgent treatment centre, back to primary care or community services or be asked to transfer in to the A&E department. 

General Practitioners can also refer to the ambulatory care unit and seek advice as to how to manage patients where a visit to A&E is not felt to be appropriate.

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