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We are a team of paediatric physiotherapists and supporting staff based at the Bury Living Well Centre but also across a wide range of community settings. 

We provide a physiotherapy service for children and young people with additional physical needs or a disability, from birth to 16 years old (up to 19 years if in special education). We accept referrals from GP’s, Health Visitors, School nurses and other health professionals. 

A paediatric physiotherapist is a qualified healthcare professional with specialist skills, expert knowledge and experience of child development. They are trained to provide assessment and treatment for children with physical difficulties due to injury, illness or disability.

Once your child has been referred to and accepted by our service they will undergo an assessment of their needs. 


This will involve asking a series of questions and a physical examination to help us understand  you/your child’s needs and what we can do to help 


Our treatments are individualised for each child following the findings from our assessments. This may include: 

  • Exercise programmes which will be supervised by a physiotherapist but may also be continued at home 

  • Group exercise classes where appropriate 

  • Provision of appropriate equipment, e.g. walking or standing frames 

  • Advice and education regarding positioning, posture management and safe equipment use 

  • Referral to other agencies where appropriate 

  • Joint working and advice given to other professionals and carers if needed 

Who can we help? 

  • Children who have had an accident or injury 

  • Children with joint pain 

  • Children with physical problems which cause difficulty with movement and co-ordination 

  • Children with delayed development 

Where do we work with children? 

  • The Bury Living Well Centre 

  • The child’s home (If meets applicable criteria) 

  • Nurseries and playgroups (If meets applicable criteria) 

  • Special schools (If meets applicable criteria) 

  • Mainstream schools (If meets applicable criteria) 

Click below to watch this short video on what you can expect from a Paediatric Physiotherapy service appointment at the Bury Living Well Centre, filmed from a child’s perspective:

Your first appointments can take up to one hour to complete. Follow up appointments take between 20 mins-60 mins. 

How often do I need to see a physiotherapist? 

Depending on the findings from your initial assessment, some children will require advice only; others will have a course of treatment over a few weeks, others may need to be seen over a longer period. 

We pride ourselves in providing expert education, treatment and advice to our patients and families, so they can achieve self-management of their conditions in the community whenever possible. 

Bury Living Well Centre - Morley Street

Referrals must be sent to

We accept referrals from GP’s, Tertiary Consultants, Health Visitors, School nurses and other health professionals. 

We do not accept self-referrals 


For further parent and carer advice leaflets please access Association of Paediatric Physiotherapists 

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