Our Emergency Departments are very busy

29 December 2023

We are currently experiencing exceptionally high levels of demand for care, and at times this may mean longer waiting times. 

We want to apologise for the impact that this may be having on some patients and their families, and to provide reassurance that patient safety continues to be our first priority.

We are working closely with partners across all parts of the health and social care system to maintain safe services for patients and help with growing demand.

You can help by taking simple measures to stay well this winter such as getting winter vaccines when invited to, keeping warm, staying active, looking out for others, and using services wisely.

Please remember that A&E/Emergency departments should only be used for major, life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

For conditions which are less urgent, please use NHS 111, or visit a local pharmacy, walk-in centre or GP/doctors for support instead.

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