Physio initiative sees launch of student led pop up clinics

4 June 2024

A collaboration with the Salford MSK Physiotherapy Department and physiotherapy students at the University of Salford has seen the introduction of student led pop up clinics.

The clinics are overseen by our specialist physiotherapists and will see students help treat physiotherapy outpatients who have been referred through the NHS.

As well as helping the students gain valuable experience, the clinics will support those students who still need additional placement hours to graduate.

The programme will also help us to reduce the waiting list for patients.

Brooke Cully, highly specialist physiotherapist at Salford, said: “We are delighted to be supporting the hard-working students on this fantastic scheme. The clinics have helped create a more relaxed environment for the students to build their confidence and develop their skills. We hope this partnership will continue to grow.”

Salford Student physiotherapists watching demonstration.jpg
Salford Student physiotherapists watching demonstration


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