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The Acute Oncology Team is a specialist support and advisory service for people admitted to Salford Royal as an emergency with a suspected cancer, problems arising from a previously diagnosed cancer or its treatment.  

We are here to support patients and family members in several ways including advice and explanations regarding:

  • The investigation of your suspected or unknown primary cancer 
  • Discussion at unknown primary cancer multidisciplinary team meeting (CUP MDT)
  • The management of complications associated with a cancer
  • The management of complications associated with a cancer treatment
  • Updating your Oncology Team and The Christie Hospital regarding your admission to Salford Royal 
  • Information that may help you make decisions about the care and treatment you could be offered 
  • Answering questions, you and your family/carers may have 
  • Give you emotional support 
  • Referral for community support e.g. District Nurses, Community Macmillan Nurses 

One of the team will visit you on the ward to talk about your care. This person will be your Acute Oncology Key Worker whilst you are in hospital. 

The Acute Oncology Nurse will liaise with the medical and nursing team who are looking after you when you are an inpatient and communicate any advice from the Oncologists at The Christie.

The Acute Oncology Nurse can explain your plan of care and support you during your stay at Salford Royal – if you need any written details or information, we would be happy to supply this.

The Acute Oncology Nurse will see you as often or as little as you like depending on your needs. We can also meet your family if you wish. 

The Doctors and Nurses on the ward will continue to oversee your care. Our role is to work with you, the ward team and your Oncologist to give you the best care possible whilst at Salford Royal. 

Salford’s Emergency Department (ED) will inform a member of the hospital’s Acute Oncology Team when a patient with a cancer diagnosis is admitted.  
Patients where the suspected diagnosis of malignancy is made in the emergency department (ED) will be referred to the relevant tracked cancer pathway.
The Acute Oncology Nurse Practitioner will aim to review the patient on the same working day or by the morning of the next working day (weekdays (including bank holidays), the service is not in operation during the weekend). 

Additional information for GPs and hospital staff:

  • All tumour sites generate Reoccurring Admission Patient Alerts (RAPA) e-mails, including sarcoma and CUP which will notify the appropriate team that the patient has been admitted 
  • The Christie Hotline alert the Acute Oncology team when a patient rings their ‘hotline’ and is advised to attend the Emergency Department (ED)
  • Direct referral via EPR system
  • Email referrals -
  • Telephone referrals – 0161 206 2312
  • CUP MDT referral proforma – Found on the Intranet/ Contact the MDT coordinator Alison Williams: 

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