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The Adult community therapy team provides assessment, rehabilitation, treatment and advice to adult patients in Bury. We offer short term, rehabilitation and supported recovery to work towards agreed goals, following individualized assessment and goal-setting. We treat people with a wide variety of conditions including musculoskeletal, respiratory, palliative and orthopaedic conditions.  

We also support:

  • Patients who are at risk of falls but do not meet the criteria for the Falls Team.   

  • Patients with learning disabilities are in conjunction with the Learning Disabilities Team. 

  • Patients with neurological conditions both in the community and in a clinic setting; unless they have had a stroke or meet the criteria to be seen by the Community Neurological Rehab Team. Our Neurological Outpatients Clinic is for those without a Pennine Based Consultant.  

  • Treatment is delivered to improve function, independence and quality of life. The service is for patients assessed as being appropriate to have physiotherapy in their home environment including residential and nursing homes rather than another setting. 

We are a team that complete short term intervention at home. Services provided include:

  • Physiotherapy assessment in a home environment.  

  • Provision of walking aids.  

  • Advice and Education to patients and their cares.  

  • Home exercises.  

  • Mobility practice, indoors and outdoors.  

  • Input to reduce patients fall’s risk.  

  • Clinic based and home based therapy for patients with neurological conditions who have not had a stroke and do not meet the criteria for input from the community neurological rehab team.  

  • Assessment and treatment for patients with long term respiratory issues who are unable to attend an outpatient setting.  

  • Rehabilitation post orthopaedic procedures.  

  • Rehabilitation for adults with Learning disability in conjunction with the adult learning disability team.  



  • Assessment for any difficulties or problems in your home environment that are impacting your function, lifestyle or routine as a result of injury, illness or disability.  

  • Therapy goals that are agreed and set with you after discussion with one of our therapists.  

  • Review of your progress over a short term period.  

  • Provision of appropriate treatments including home exercises, gait re-education, mobility practice, and the provision of walking aids, breathing exercises, advice and education.  

  • Identification of any risks in your home environment and working with you to maximize your confidence, safety and independence. 

  • Staff will enable you to overcome any barriers that prevent you from doing the activities that matter to you. 

  • Staff will also refer on or signpost onto other health, social care and voluntary services to develop and maintain lifestyle changes. 

Referrals can be made via GP’s, consultants, Health Care professionals and Social Workers. Self-referrals can be made be made by Palliative patients. Referrals from care homes need to be referred via a patient’s GP.  

Patients must:

  • Live within the metropolitan borough of Bury. Referrals will be accepted for patients living outside this area, if they have a Bury GP, dependent on the capacity of our service and the distance which a patients lives form the Bury area.  

  • Be aged 18 years and over (aged 16 years for paediatric transfers). 

  • Have a musculoskeletal, respiratory, neurological, developmental, palliative, orthopaedic condition or mobility issues.  

If the patient lives within the metropolitan borough of Bury but has a GP out of the area, then they should be seen by a community team in their GP’s area. 

Referrals need to be sent to the team through the Single Point of Access. 

Tel: 0300 3233316 


Referrals are accepted in the following circumstances:  

  • Where the patient would benefit from assessment, evaluation and functional rehabilitation in their home environment, post-discharge from secondary care or following a GP referral. 

  • Where the patient’s condition necessitates a functional, mobility, safety or risk assessment in their home, or their condition contraindicates travelling to an appointment e.g. patients who are at risk or who have fallen, or if travelling leaves the patient too tired to participate in treatment. 

  • Where the patient has requested treatment at home and this has been agreed as the best option with the therapist involved in their care. 

  • Where mobility aids have been requested and it is felt that the assessment is best done in the patient’s home. 

  • Where holistic functional rehabilitation can be facilitated by partnership working with other agencies e.g. homecare or care staff in residential or nursing homes. 

We have close links with the Community Occupation Team, Community Neurological Rehabilitation Team, The Falls Team, Specialist Palliative Care Team/Hospice, Learning Disability Team and Bury MND team.

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