Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Service - Salford Royal

The Cardiovascular Rehabilitation service in Salford provides a city-wide, multi-modal, person-centred service to patients and their families/carers.

The service supports people and their families to return to a full and active lifestyle as soon as possible after a cardiac event, surgery or a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. In helping them to understand and self-manage their condition, it promotes positive lifestyle change, which takes into account social, physical and mental wellbeing.

Options available to patients include:

  • Specialist assessment and support
  • Exercise assessment and support
  • Weight management and dietary support advice and motivation
  • Counselling
  • Stress management using a cognitive behavioural therapy approach
  • Activities of daily living assessment and energy conservation techniques
  • Motivational interviewing to promote lifestyle change
  • Heart Manual
  • Online health education talks
  • Non medical prescribing and titration of cardiovascular medications
  • Onwards referral to other services
  • Referral to Leisure services for ongoing long-term physical activity/ exercise in the community.

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