Care Homes Medical Practice - Salford Community

The Care Homes Medical Practice is a unique General Practice providing medical care to older people living in residential and nursing homes within Salford.

The practice is based at St James House in Salford, however the practice team work across the city and all patients are seen and treated within their residential or nursing home

The Care Homes Medical Practice provides the same general medical services to our registered patients as any other general practice.  However, we also provide additional services tailored to the special requirements of older people living in residential and nursing homes:

  • Open Monday – Friday 8am – 7pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am – 5pm.
  • A weekly ‘home round’ delivered by a named clinician providing personalised care for registered patients.
  • A clinical triage service 7 days a week for acutely unwell patients.
  • Direct and rapid access to specialist tests such as diagnostic scans .
  • Detailed initial assessments and health checks for new patients.
  • Regular health checks for existing patients.          
  • Regular reviews of patient’s medication.
  • GPs and Nurses with specialist skills in

                -  Care of the elderly

                -  Dementia

                -  Long term conditions

                -  Palliative and end of life care

  • A dedicated Specialist Dementia nurse
  • Pharmacy Team
  • Palliative Care Nurse team

Our Clinical Team

Our GPs are experienced doctors with special interests in care of the elderly, palliative care, dementia and mental health, and the management of long-term conditions. 

We have a team of highly skilled nurses at our practice.  Our Consultant Nurse Practitioners work alongside GPs to manage patients in their residential or nursing home.  They provide a wide range of healthcare which is sensitive to the needs of older people including advanced clinical assessment, diagnosis, and prescribing treatment. 

Our Practice Nurses provide regular reviews for patients with chronic diseases and long-term conditions. 

Our Dementia Nurse Specialist reviews patients with dementia and provides support and education to        patients, their relatives and care homes staff

Our team of pharmacists including a pharmacy technician regularly reviews patient’s medications to ensure that they are receiving the most appropriate medications for their conditions.  Our pharmacist plays an important role in educating and supporting care home staff in medication management. 

Palliative Care Nurses together with care home staff provide a high standard of Palliative and End of Life Care. They support with Advanced Care Planning/Bereavement support and symptom management.

Our Administrative Team

Our Practice Manager deals with all administrative aspects of the practice. We also have a dedicated team of Receptionists and Administrators at the practice who are your first point of contact.  They are always willing to help, so please ask if you need any assistance at all.

Asking for a visit/advice from a GP/Consultant Nurse Practitioner

If you require a visit/advice from a GP/Consultant Nurse Practitioner, your carer can arrange this for you by calling the main practice number 0161 206 2648. 

Repeat Prescriptions

Staff within the care home will manage the ordering of your repeat medication which will be delivered by the community pharmacy directly to the care home.

Care Homes Medical Practice
St James’s House
Mezzanine Floor
Pendleton Way

If you require a visit/advice from a GP/Consultant Nurse Practitioner, your carer can arrange this for you by calling the main practice number 0161 206 2648. 

We welcome new patients to the practice. Staff at your care home will advise you on how to register and will support you with the registration process.

The practice work closely with the Palliative Care Team who provide support with Advanced Care Planning, End of Life care and bereavement counselling.

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