Clinical Assessment Unit - Rochdale Infirmary

The Clinical Assessment Unit provides rapid Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute medical conditions.  It enables patients to be assessed and observed by expert medical and nursing teams, reducing the pressure on urgent care centre.

The Unit consists of 16 in-patient beds and operates a single sex accommodation policy.  It is designed to provide a peaceful and quiet environment, admitting patients at all times of the day and night, with a turnover of 460 patients per month, meaning at times the unit can become very busy.

In order to give you the right care as soon as possible, you will be seen by a number of different clinical staff during your stay.  They will assess your condition and arrange any tests that you may require.  This assists the medical and nursing teams to review your condition and decide the best treatment options for you.   

Once your results have been reviewed, you will be either discharged home from CAU or you will be admitted to another area of Rochdale Infirmary or another ward within the Trust to continue your treatment plan.

Clinical Assessment Unit

Our patients are referred by either a General practitioner (GP) or from the Urgent Care Centre by a doctor or nurse practitioner.  Patients are seen in accordance to their symptoms and clinical need. This can mean that you may have a little bit of wait at times.

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