Expert by Experience (Patient Group)

Who are we?

The Expert by Experience Patient Group (EEPG) is a group of people who are using or have used the Clinical Health Psychology Service.

The EEPG helps shape how the service is planned, delivered, and evaluated.

The opinions of our EEPG members are key to bringing about improvements in the way Clinical Health Psychology services are provided. We know that effective patient involvement can improve service access and quality for future service users.

The EEPG is facilitated by a small group of clinicians who work within the Clinical Health Psychology Department and who are enthusiastic about patient involvement.

The clinicians who facilitate this group are:

  • Dr Amy Waugh, Clinical Psychologist - Renal
  • Dr Jessica Dean, Consultant Clinical Psychologist - Renal
  • Dr Rachael Goodwin, Counselling Psychologist - Chronic Fatigue
  • Rebecca Gosling, Assistant Psychologist - Renal

What do we do?

The main aims of the Expert by Experience Patient Group are:

  • To ensure the service consistently listens to patient ideas, views, and experiences.
  • To improve the ease of access to the service.
  • To support patients in providing feedback and their views on different areas of the service.
  • To be a ‘critical friend’ to the service. We want to know what we are not doing well, as well as what we are doing well, from a patient perspective.

What opportunities are available?

We have several Expert by Experience Patient Group members who have said they would be happy to help the service in relation to specific topics. This includes working on service development projects in a range of areas.

You are under no obligation to take part in all projects but you may like to be involved in any of the following:

  • Communication - Giving us feedback on information, such as leaflets and letters used by the service.
  • Recruitment and selection - Sitting on interview panels to help ensure that the patient's point of view is heard when it comes to selecting new staff for the service.
  • Training - Assisting in training of different staff groups by sharing your experiences and views, e.g., by being part of a presentation or writing a personal story that can be shared with the service.
  • Research and audit - Being involved in the development of ideas and monitoring the progress of service research or audit projects.
  • Monitoring and evaluation - Gaining feedback on evaluation tools the service uses, including questionnaires and feedback forms.

We asked our EEPG members what they thought about being part of the group and what they would want patients who were thinking about joining the group to know.

Here's what they said..

What interested you in joining the EEPG?

“Being offered the opportunity to ‘give back’ to an NHS service that had helped me. Also being part of an opportunity to improve the service for other patients”

“Two members of the clinical psychology team had helped me with depression and re-engaging with the world. Without those interventions I would not have gone on to achieve what I’ve achieved. I wanted to give something back to the service.”

What is the best part of volunteering with the EEPG?

“Becoming involved with the recruitment process gives me an emotional boost. Meeting other clients through the social events has been a great experience and I have made contact with two other patients we have formed a mutual support group” 

“Sharing our experiences to develop the service and those experiences aren’t limited to our healthcare, we draw on all our life experiences. It demonstrates inclusion, trust, and respect.”

“I loved being able to socialize with people who have been through similar experiences to me. I also feel really valued as a part of the group and that my opinion is valued.”

“You feel your opinion is important/valued. You are helping Professionals tweak their service to improve delivery to its patients.”

What do you want others to know about being a part of the EEPG?

“The support from the psychology team is excellent and they will identify any difficulties you have in participating and will help you to get involved and get the most you can out of your involvement with the group. “

“It’s a great way of giving back to the service which in turn helps those people new to the service. In my experience, there remains a sense of box-ticking in some patient involvement – there is no sense of box ticking in the EEPG.”

“It’s a wonderful social experience, as well as being able to help others. You feel really valued as a member of the group and that your opinion is welcomed and listened to. It’s helped with my confidence in myself and I’m socializing with others as well as staff.”

“Everyone in the group is friendly/welcoming. You will be listened to. Your opportunity to give back /make a difference.”

How do I join?

We are always delighted to welcome new members to the group.

If you would like an informal discussion over the phone about these opportunities, please contact us by:

  • telephoning the Clinical Health Psychology Department on 0161 206 5588 and asking to speak to a member of the ‘Expert by Experience Patient Group Team’.
  • or emailing with your query.


To get a flavour of some of the work our EEPG members get involved with, please take a look at our most recent newsletters:


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Interested in joining us? Register your place by telephoning the Clinical Health Psychology Department on 0161 206 5588 or emailing

Clinical Health Psychology
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We are located on the ground floor of the Clinical Sciences Building, with the entrance opposite A&E. You should receive a map with your appointment letter, which will include the location of our car parks. The most convenient car park for accessing the Clinical Sciences Building is the North car park. Please be mindful that there can be queues for parking at times, so allow plenty of time to get to your appointment. 

Use this link to access directions to Salford Royal.


As a service, we pride ourselves on being inclusive. We are aware that illness and disease affect everyone and we will strive to offer a responsive and sensitive service to you whatever your lifestyle or faith, and take account of your cultural and linguistic needs. We are also open to receive feedback on our service to continually improve and encourage those of you who have attended the department to let us know your experiences and any ideas you have.

There is wheelchair-friendly access to the building via a ramp. Please let us know if you require any other adjustments to enable you to access the building.


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