Contact Dermatitis Investigation Unit - Patch Testing - Salford Royal

The Contact Dermatitis Investigation Unit (CDIU) is based in the Barnes Building in Salford Royal where the team will carry out the patch testing process. This involves a number of steps.

First will be the consultation where a history will be taken to identify what allergens may be contributing to skin conditions.

The next stage would be the application of the patches and then a further consultation following the application then the final step is the outcome of the patch test where the results will be discussed which may highlight potential sources of allergens contributing to a patient’s recent or previous skin condition.

This can provide patients with information relevant or of old relevance if they do in fact suffer with contact allergies to help them appropriately manage their skin condition going forwards.  The patients will be given a written copy of the outcome which will give them to knowledge to help guide them of what to avoid in the future to help them manage and control their skin. 

Within the Contact Dermatitis Investigation Unit, there are a number of Specialist team members including Dr Jason Williams, the Director of CDIU who leads the service. Within the department, there is also a Specialist Doctor, Specialist Dermatology Registrar, Specialist Nurse, Patch test Co-ordinator and a team of support workers to ensure the safe, clean and personal running of the unit. Both children and adults are seen in the department.

Contact Dermatitis Investigation Unit provides facilities including: 

  • Patch Testing 

  • Prick Testing if relevant and deemed appropriate by the clinician  

A patient attending CDIU for testing is expected to bring their treatment creams and ointments and any relevant additional items which could be contributing to problems with their skin condition. 

For patch testing, 4 appointments over 4 different days will be arranged. The first appointment will be a patch test assessment appointment and the other 3 will be 3 appointments in the space of one week.

Contact Dermatitis Investigation Unit, Barnes Building.

Patients are generally referred from their GP or specialist Dermatologist team member. 

Referrals are to be made to the attention of Dr Jason Williams at the main address.  

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