Critical Care - Fairfield Hospital [Bury]

The Critical Care Unit is split over 2 floors. The main unit (ward 10) is non COVID and has the staffing to admit up to four patients, this includes Level 2 and level 3 patient care. The COVID critical care area is based in the Acute Respiratory Care Unit (ARCU), ward 11a.  In this area we have two stabilization beds. All level 1.5 respiratory patients are cared for on the ARCU and we work closely with the respiratory team, meeting each day to discuss patients.  

The unit works very closely with our sister site at Salford Royal and we have established transfer of care pathway. Any patients that have ongoing complex critical care needs or need ventilation for  more than 24hrs should be discussed with colleagues at Salford and when safe transferred to Salford Royal for ongoing management.

Both intensive care facilities will provide evidence based practice and robust medical management plans to support intensive / high dependency care for patients.

Generally patients are admitted from the Accident and Emergency department at FGH, but can also be admitted via wards, elective pathways or repatriations.

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