Critical Care Unit - Salford Royal

Salford Care Organisation (SCO) Critical Care Unit cares for both emergency and elective adult patients who require higher levels of care. We service both our local community and an expanding number of regional and superregional specialist services based at SCO. 

The Critical Care Unit in Salford is one of the largest Critical Care Units in the UK. We have a team of over 300 staff including doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and many support staff. 

Our patients come from all over Greater Manchester and sometimes from further away. We specialise and are a national referral centre for: 

  • Major Trauma  

  • Greater Manchester Neurosciences Centre 

  • Intestinal failure  

  • Tertiary Renal services

  • Stroke

  • Tertiary Haematology services 

Having these services means that the unit is supported by teams of internationally recognised consultants and other specialists who all provide help and support for our patients. Having such specialist services on site also means that we have access to the best diagnostic and treatment facilities to help our patients. 

The Critical Care Unit looks after critically ill patients whose conditions can be life-threatening and who need constant, close monitoring and organ support.  

The Critical Care Unit is staffed by specially trained health care professionals who deliver intensive levels of care and treatment. Patients in these units are closely monitored and supported by sophisticated equipment, including ventilators that help patients breathe. 

Different types and levels of critical care 

The NHS has different levels of critical care, based on the clinical needs of patients. 

  • Level 0 – patients whose needs can be met through normal ward care in an acute hospital. 

  • Level 1 critical care – patients at risk of their condition deteriorating or those recently relocated from higher levels of care, whose needs can be met on an acute ward or enhanced care with additional advice and support from the critical care team.   

  • Level 2 critical care – patients requiring more detailed observation or intervention, including support for a single failing organ system or post-operative care

  • Level 3 critical care – patients requiring advanced respiratory support alone or basic respiratory support together with support of at least two organ systems. This level includes all complex patients requiring support for multi-organ failure. Also known as ‘intensive care units’ (ICUs) or ‘intensive treatment/therapy units’ (ITUs). 

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