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The CURE Project is the Tobacoo Addiction Service provided for all patients admitted to hospital who are dependent on Nicotine.

If you are admitted to hospital within the Northern Care Alliance Group and are identified as a smoker, you will be referred to a dedicated Tobacco Addiction Team (The CURE Project). You will receive support and advice on managing your addiction to Nicotine and will be offered Nicotine Replacement Therapy and other medications to manage your cravings during your stay in hospital and after discharge if you would like to continue abstinence from Tobacco.

This is a smoke free hospital meaning that there is no smoking permitted in the hospital or on hospital grounds.

Contact from a trained stop smoking advisor offering:

  • Provision of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and other medications to relieve cravings to Nicotine
  • Behavioural support for Tobacco addiction
  • Onward referral to community smoking cessation upon discharge from hospital

If you are then admitted to the ward, you can be expected to be contacted within 48 hours of admission by a trained smoking cessation advisor. Nicotine replacement therapy and other medications will be on offer for all patients who wish to use the service, free of charge. Behavioural support will also be offered to support patients wishing to abstain from smoking whilst in hospital and/or who wish to quit smoking for good.

Continued support whilst you are in hospital will be offered and a referral can be made to the community services for continued support. You are four times more likely to quit with support and medication.

Please let your nurse know that you are a smoker when you are admitted to the ward then they can refer you to our service. A trained advisor will make contact with you within 48 hours of receiving the referral.

When you first come into hospital, please inform a health care professional that you are a tobacco user and Nicotine Placement Therapy will be offered to help relieve your cravings for Nicotine.

Local Tobacco Addiction services:

  • Your Health Oldham- 0161 960 0255
  • Living Well, Rochdale- 01706 751 190
  • Be Well, Thameside-  0161 716 2008/ 0161 716 2000
  • Live Well, Bury- 0161 253 7554
  • Be Smoke Free, Manchester-  0161 823 4157

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