Bladder and Bowel Service - Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale (HMR) Community

We are a team of nurses who specialise in the treatment and management of people with bladder and bowel problems. This can include incontinence problems, stoma care, catheter management and other management option.

Our aim is to work with you to try and get you better. With your consent we may need to contact your GP and other specialist colleagues in the hospital to treat your bladder and bowel problems.

abbiekershaw.jpg Abbie Kershaw- Specialist Nurse/ Team Leader
lucyblayney.jpg Lucy Blayney- Specialist Nurse 
kimberleykilgour.jpg Kimberley Kilgour- Specialist Nurse 
katrinawalker.jpg Katrina Walker-Specialist Nurse
anthonyturner.jpg Anthony Turner-Specialist Nurse
amandabrannan.jpg Amanda Brannan-Specialist Nurse
lyndseymetcalf.jpg Lyndsey Metcalf- Assistant Practitioner
katehaigh.png Kate Haigh- Nurse Associate
michellelomax.jpg Michelle Lomax- Clerical/ Team assistant
janetcuncliffe.jpg Janet Cunliffe- Prescription Co-Ordinator
helenhole.jpg Helen Hole - Prescription Administrator


Your first assessment may take place in a clinic if you are able to attend or in your home. The nurse will take a history of any health problems you have including any operations you may have had in the past. We will also ask you about any medicines or tablets you are taking. The nurses will ask you about your bladder and/or bowel problems.

We may wish to perform an ultrasound scan of your bladder, vaginal examination and/or rectal examination. The nurse will discuss this with you and gain consent before proceeding. We will ask you to complete charts to assess your bladder and bowel function. Your nurse will explain this to you.

You will be given advice on life style changes which may benefit your bladder and/or bowel problem. We do not routinely provide incontinence pads, however, if your problem cannot be treated, it may be possible to provide you with products. If continence products are supplied this will be a supplementary pad service in addition to what you are purchasing.

If your condition requires the provision of incontinence pads, stoma appliances, catheter appliances, bowel appliances or continence appliances our specialist nurses are responsible for prescribing these, for example urinary catheters, drainage bags, sheaths and stoma products.

The prescription co-ordinator for the service can help with any prescription queries you have, can liaise with your specialist nurses, pharmacy and delivery company about your products. Your prescription can be dispensed via a pharmacy or Direct Appliance Contractor (DAC) of your choice.

The service aims to help and advise you with any problems you may have with your products or general continence and stoma issues. We are required to review your product provision annually and will invite you to attend a clinic appointment or arrange a home visit to complete this.

When you have just 10 days supply of continence/stoma products left you can contact us to arrange your repeat prescription:- Telephone Number 0300 323 9840.

If you are receiving Continence pads you must reactivate your order no earlier than 10 days before your next delivery date Telephone Number 0800 030 4466 (You will require your unique I.D. number to activate the delivery).

The Service is based at The Croft Shifa Health Centre.

You can refer yourself. A family member, carer or friend can also refer on your behalf. You can also be referred by your GP, or our specialist colleagues in the hospital may refer you to our service.

The service works closely with the Colostomy Association, Urostomy Association and the Ileostomy Association.

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