Infant Feeding Service - Royal Oldham

The Infant Feeding Team provides support to parents and staff where there are infant feeding difficulties.

  • We offer referral to services which offer infant feeding support. 
  • We offer the use of interpreters for parents where English is not their first language
  • We will be offering antenatal infant feeding workshops in the near future

We have a team that works across maternity, neonatal and paediatric services.  We can also respond to other wards who require support with infant feeding.

We have a role in training staff with infant feeding so they can confidently support parents when we are not working.

We are a Monday to Friday 0730-1530 hours service (we are unable to work night shifts, weekends, or bank holidays).

We are also able to refer to other services who support infant feeding.

We also run the Tongue Tie Service – please see our Tongue Tie Service page for further information.

Infant Feeding Team - Postnatal Ward

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