Nutrition & Dietetics - Adults - Oldham Community

The Community Nutrition and Dietetic Team comprises of registered dietitians and dietetic assistants.  

We provide nutritional assessments and advice on appropriate diets for specific clinical conditions to adult patients (aged 18 and over), carers/relatives and staff. Our aim is to provide nutrition support and help patients follow their diet in a manageable and practical way. 

  • Nutrition Support for Malnutrition
  • Home Enteral Feeding
  • Diabetes and Weight Management
  • IBS - Low FODMAPS diet
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease/Coeliac
  • Oncology and palliative care
  • Stroke/Neuro

Whether you see a dietitian in clinic, by telephone or your own home, your first appointment may be slightly longer as the dietitian will carry out a full nutritional assessment.  It may be helpful, before the appointment, to think about any questions about your diet you want answered.  

The dietitian will discuss why you have been referred and ask you about your normal diet, lifestyle, diagnosis, investigations and treatment plans. Your weight and height will be recorded along with details of your previous weights and any changes already made to your diet. If you have been keeping a food diary this would be helpful along with a list of any medication taken.   

You will be given advice, information and support including suggested food choices and meal ideas, help with understanding food labels and written information to read in your own time. You will be provided with an individual nutrition action plan with some points to follow until your next appointment. 

If you require a follow-up appointment this is likely to take less time. 

The Link Centre
Second floor
140 Union Street

  • GP
  • Health professional
  • Social care professional

The Adult Community Nutrition and Dietetic team work as part of the Integrated Therapy Hub in Oldham.

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