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Orthoptics (use of vision and visual functions):

Orthoptists assess, investigate, and treat squints, amblyopia (lazy eye) and double vision.

We specialise in providing the ‘gold standard’ for assessing children’s eyes and conditions relating to muscle imbalance for a wide range of ages within Salford.

Salford Orthoptists mainly work within the community in local gateways and health centres providing services for children and adults. Additionally, we run a clinic for children with complex needs at Springwood Primary School.

Orthoptic Assessment

Vision Screening
In Salford, we are proud to provide a vision screening programme for all children in the area aged 4-5 years old.  The assessment is carried out in school or at the local health centre if your child is home schooled.  

Visual Field Assessment
Your visual field is everything you can see above, below, directly in front of you and to the side without moving your eyes (peripheral vision). 

Orthoptic Assessment

What will happen?
During the assessment, the orthoptist will listen carefully to the problems and concerns you/your child are facing.  Your vision is tested, and a wide range of non-invasive tests are carried out to measure how well your eyes work together as a pair.  The whole assessment will take between 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

What should I bring with me?
If you wear glasses, please bring your most up to date pair with you and a copy of your latest prescription if you have it. Will I/my child be treated on the day?This depends on what the orthoptist finds.  If you have double vision, the orthoptist will be able to provide you with something to make you more comfortable on the day.  However, if your child is found to have reduced vision, the orthoptist will arrange for them to have a glasses test with an optometrist on a separate day.

Visual Field Assessment

What will happen at the test?
On the day of your appointment, your vision is tested. If you wear any glasses for distance or reading, please bring them with you.We provide instructions on how the machine works and then you are positioned at the machine.  The test takes about 10-15 minutes to complete, and we test each eye separately. We inform you when the test starts and stops.At the end of the appointment, we discuss the results with you and save them to the computer system for reviewing by your doctor.

Will I have eye drops?
No, you will not have eye drops for the visual field assessment.

We run clinics at the below locations. On arrival, please check in at the main reception desk so the orthoptist knows you have arrived for your appointment.

Eccles Gateway
Level 2, Eccles Gateway, 28 Barton Lane, Eccles, M30 0TU

Newbury Place Health Centre
Salford Community Services, Level 1, 55 Rigby Street, Salford, M7 4NX

Pendleton Gateway
Level 1, Pendleton Gateway, 1 Broadwalk, Salford, M6 5FX

Swinton Gateway
Level 2, Swinton Gateway, 100 Chorley Rd, Swinton, M27 6BP

Walkden Gateway
Level 1, Walkden Gateway, 2 Smith St, Worsely, M28 3EZ

For Visual Field clinics:
Salford Royal Hospital, AHP clinic 2, Outpatients/Red area, Turnberg Building (near Audiology), Stott Lane, Salford, M6 8HD

Referral in to the orthoptic service is through your GP, optometrist, health visitor and other health and social care professionals.

A website specialising in supporting people who have learning disabilities or autism, who may also have sight loss. Features an interactive map which informs you of your nearest optometrist who specialises in learning disabilities or autism.

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The Local Offer provides information on what support services are available in Salford for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities and their parents/carers.   

A website specialising in supporting people who have nystagmus.

The British and Irish Orthoptic Society
The link above will take you to the webpage for the British and Irish Orthoptic Society, which will provide you with further information about orthoptics and has some information leaflets for some specific conditions.

A-Z of eye conditions
Please click on this link for further information on a full range of eye conditions which your orthoptist or ophthalmologist may have discussed with you.  The page is run by Moorfields Eye Hospital in London

Royal National Institute for Blind People
The link above provides information and practical advice for those people with sight-limiting conditions to help live their everyday life.

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