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The main Outpatient service provides the opportunity for patients to be treated or reviewed by specialist hospital medical & nursing without the need for a hospital admission.

Patients who attend the Main Outpatient Department are divided into categories: -

  • New referral - A NEW patient has been “referred” by their GP to attend an outpatient appointment to see a member of the medical team who are specialists in the type of problem the patient may have. 
  • TWW referral – this is an URGENT referral within a two-week window (two week wait).
  • Follow Up referral - A FOLLOW UP patient has already gone through the process and the medical team have decided to keep the patient under their care and review them periodically. 

The Main Outpatient Department at The Royal Oldham Hospital is large and spread out across the site. 

There are 6 departments.

  • Lucy Pugh Outpatients - Surgery                                                      
  • Outpatient A - Orthopaedic                                                   
  • Outpatient C – Respiratory
  • Outpatient D- Medicine / Cardiology                                     
  • Diabetic centre - Medicine                                                     
  • Victoria Unit – Breast & Oncology    

Interpreter services for most languages from our in-house service and external agencies this includes BSL and assistance for the blind such as pathway co-ordinator and volunteer service.

Check in at reception

Updating personal information with General Practitioner details then will be guided into a general waiting area

Your initial appointment

  • Pre-consultation tests such as height, weight, blood pressure etc.
  • Consultation, with clinician, Specialist practitioner or Specialist nurse which may be followed with an examination (chaperon available on request)
  • The clinician may request diagnostic tests such as biopsy’s, X-Ray, vascular ultrasounds, ECG, bloods etc which may be performed on the same day
  • Referrals to other services may also be made to which you will receive an appointment in the post

We can offer Covid-19 Vaccination in accordance with National guidance at our hospital vaccination Hub.           

The NHS has a target of 18 weeks from referral from the GP to the first treatment.  The Outpatient Department is often the first step in this process and the patient’s first contact with the hospital environment.

  • Macmillan support
  • Smoking cessation
  • Alcohol liaison
  • Safeguarding
  • Physiotherapy
  • Orthotics
  • Audiology
  • Research studies / pilots
  • Peripheral clinics run by Christie consultants along with chemotherapy

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