Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy - Bury Community

The Bury Paediatric Community Speech and Language Therapy Team provides treatment, support and care for children and young people aged 0 - 18 years, who have difficulties with communication, or with eating, drinking and swallowing.

We offer assessment and treatment for children aged 0-18 years with speech, language and/or communication difficulties, or with feeding difficulties, with a Bury GP. 

We currently offer services at the following locations across Bury: 

  • Child Development Centre at Fairfield General Hospital 

  • Townside Primary Care Centre 

  • Bury Living Well Centre 

  • Radcliffe Primary Care Centre 

  • Prestwich Walk in Centre 

  • Ramsbottom Health Centre 

What is Speech and Language Therapy?  

Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) is a specialist service that can help support your child’s speech, language and communication development, or feeding and swallowing needs, by working with you as their parents or guardian.  

SLT does not provide an instant fix for a child’s difficulty, but helps to find ways of supporting development and positive change. We will provide you with activities and strategies to do at home in between appointments.  

SLT is more successful when these are carried out regularly with an adult at home or in school. We offer specialist information and advice to give you the skills and confidence to successfully support your child’s needs for the future. 

Once your child’s referral has been accepted, you will receive an acknowledgement letter informing you of the current waiting time along with helpful links, information and advice about how to support your child while you are waiting to see us.

During the initial assessment we will work with you to best understand your child’s unique strengths and areas of needs. We will develop our understanding of your child’s communication in a number of ways including discussion with you and others who know your child the best, observation and more structured activities as appropriate. Appointments typically last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Once initial assessment is complete we will plan next steps based on what is most important to you and your child.  

If you are concerned about your child’s communication and/ or their feeding, drinking and swallowing we recommend speaking with your child’s Health Visitor, School Nurse, Nursery or School in the first instance. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact us with any questions or queries you have using the contact details on the right hand side of this page.  

Further information about referrals and how to request an assessment vist the Bury directory website.  

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