Phototherapy - Salford Royal

Phototherapy is a nurse led outpatient clinic for patients with a variety of skin conditions, treated with UVA or UVB light.  

  • UVB Full body cabinet 
  • UVA full body cabinet 
  • UVA hand and foot 
  • UVB comb 

The phototherapy nurse will first complete an assessment discuss the advice sheet and patient booklet and consent for treatment. 

MED skin test completed before all UVB treatments. The MED is read 24hours later in clinic and treatment is commenced. 

Treatment is 3 times a week with a day in between for UVB for up to 10 weeks followed by 6 weeks twice a week and 6 weeks once a week for eczema patients. 

Patient s with psoriasis are treated up to 10 weeks initially  with a day in-between if still have some significant disease they are offered a further 10 sessions. 

Scalp patients using the comb are treated up to 10 weeks 3 times a week with a day in-between 

Hand and foot machine 2 weekly with 2 days in between patients can be offered psoralen soaks which consist of 15 minute soak followed by 30 minute wait followed by UVA light.  Or Psoralen  tablets taken 2 hours prior to treatment followed by UVA light 

Full body UVA consists of the patient taking Psoralen  tablets 2 hours prior to treatment followed by UVA light. 

Nursing staff will assess skin prior to each treatment being commenced.  At the end of treatment patients skin will be assessed by the nurse and discharged if clear if any problems or skin not clear the patient is offered a follow up with their consultant 

Patients can book up to two weeks of appointments at one time. 

Appointment times are first come first served basis.   


Salford Royal Hospital

Brooke Building

Ward M3

Level Four

Patients are referred to the service via their consultant.

Patients can be treated or transferred Stockport NHS Foundation Trust for UVB or hands and foot PUVA. 

Fairfield General offer UVB.

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