Podiatry - Salford Royal, Salford Community

The Salford Royal Podiatry department has a dedicated team who provide a quality integrated service both within the community and at the hospital.

We’re here to assess, diagnose and treat a range of foot and ankle problems as well as perform minor surgical procedures.

Highly skilled and committed to giving you excellent care, our team includes a Podiatric Consultant, Podiatrists, Healthcare Assistants and Technicians.

Working in partnership with patients, their carers, and primary and secondary healthcare teams, we help people live more independently and minimise the risk of amputation for those with advanced or complex foot complications. 

Our aim is to improve your foot health and keep you as active as possible. 

Whatever your foot problem, experts at one of our specialist clinics will be able to help you.

New Patient Triage Clinics

The Podiatry department offers assessment appointments to all newly referred patients where we’ll look at your medical history and assess your foot health to determine your eligibility.

If you’re identified as having risk factors which may lead to a non-healing foot wound, we’ll offer you regular appointments and a foot protection management plan. If no risk factors are identified, you’ll receive a one-off treatment and advice, including how to access private podiatry services. 

High Risk Foot Protection Clinics

We offer a foot protection service for patients with conditions which may increase their risk of developing a foot ulcer which could lead to amputation. These clinics offer regular treatment aimed at reducing the risk of developing foot ulcers. 

High Risk Wound Care Clinics

If you have a foot wound, we provide comprehensive management plans to treat them. This includes treatment in the community and hospital, often involving combined care alongside other specialities such as district nursing and tissue viability.

Podiatrists can order and interpret x-rays and some of the team hold independent prescribing qualifications. The team are also trained in pressure relief techniques including casting. 

Lower Limb Vascular Assessment Clinics

Podiatrists with specialist skills in diagnosing lower limb circulation problems are trained to perform non-invasive vascular assessments to determine any reduction in your circulation to the legs and feet. This involves taking blood pressures in both arms and both legs and sometimes in the big toes.

The podiatrists can then create a personally tailored management plan for your condition, helping to reduce the chance of heart attacks and strokes. 

Emergency Clinics

The Podiatry department provides emergency appointments between Monday and Friday for existing NHS podiatry patients who have a painful foot problem and are unable to wait for a routine appointment.

New patients will only be seen in this clinic if they have an infection or a wound. The emergency clinic doesn’t provide routine treatments for corns, calluses or nail cutting. For these, you’d need a new patient triage appointment. 

MSK/Biomechanics Clinics

Our highly skilled and experienced Musculoskeletal/Biomechanics Podiatrists can conduct a comprehensive biomechanical assessment to diagnose your foot problem.

Following assessment, a management plan will be created which can include a prescription for orthotic insoles, exercises, steroid injections and expert advice.

A follow-up review may be arranged to track your progress. Please note that your initial assessment may be by telephone.  


Our specialist rheumatology clinics are for any patients with a foot problem associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

You’ll meet our our Advanced Podiatrists who has expert knowledge of rheumatology. Highly skilled in assessing and diagnosing a broad range of mechanical foot problems, they work closely with the rheumatology department.  

Multi-Disciplinary Foot Clinic

For those with more complex foot issues, including non-healing wounds, we offer specialist multidisciplinary care. Our dedicated team is made up of several specialties:  

  • Consultant Podiatrist  
  • Principal Podiatrist in biomechanics and offloading  
  • Podiatrists 
  • Consultant Diabetologist 
  • Consultant Vascular Surgeon 
  • Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with a specialist interest in the foot and ankle 
  • Specialist Diabetes Nurse  
  • Consultant Microbiologist 
  • Tissue Viability Nurse 

Nail Surgery

Our nail surgery team oversees minor routine operations to treat painful conditions such as involuted and ingrowing toenails.

Based at Ordsall Health Surgery, specialists can remove either all or part of the affected nail and help prevent unwanted painful regrowth.

Inpatient Service

For Salford Royal inpatients, we carry out foot and ankle wound care to make you as comfortable as possible during your stay.  You can be referred for our care via the ward doctors and nurses.

Please note we’re unable to provide a routine podiatry service for inpatients, including nail cutting or any hard skin or corns.  

Diabetes Second Screen Service

While initial diabetic foot screening is now conducted by nurses at your GP practice, you may be referred for a second screen if they have concerns. This appointment involves checking your foot pulses and the sensation in both feet, after which you’ll be given tailored foot health advice.  

At your first appointment the podiatrist will obtain a thorough medical history to help identify possible areas of concern that may lead to or worsen foot and leg problems. The Podiatrist will assess your foot and possibly your leg to check your blood circulation and sensation. It’s advised that you bring a list of any medication you are on, and any shoes you would like the podiatrist to assess. We advise that you attend your appointment wearing the shoes you wear most of the time so the podiatrist can assess your typical daily footwear.  

Based on the thorough history and examination, the podiatrist will be able to make specific recommendations. Your treatment and prevention plan may include footwear advice, physical therapy and wound or ulcer care. In some cases, referrals to other specialists are necessary. For example, you may need to see a vascular specialist Podiatrist if there is a concern regarding blood flow. Our aim is to improve your foot health and keep you as active as possible. 

After your appointment the podiatrist will discuss the findings of the assessment and advise you on options for ongoing podiatry care. Within Salford we routinely see patients at risk of developing serious foot conditions such as foot ulcers and gangrene. If you do not meet the service criteria you may be discharged from the service.  

If you are feeling unwell prior to your appointment, have symptoms of Covid-19 or have recently been in contact with anyone with Covid-19, then you must call our clinic to cancel and rearrange your appointment 

Our podiatry services are available at a wide range of venues across Salford:

Salford Royal 

Podiatry Department 
General Outpatients
Turnberg Building 
Stott Lane 
M6 8HD

Telephone: 0161 206 4710 


Eccles Gateway 
28 Barton Lane 
M30 0TU


Irlam Health Centre 
Macdonald Road
Irlam  M44 5LH 

Little Hulton

Little Hulton Health Centre
Longshaw Drive
M28 0BB


Swinton Gateway
2nd Floor
100 Chorley Road
M27 6BP 


Walkden Gateway 
2 Smith Street
M28 3EZ

The Willows

The Willows Health Centre
Lords Avenue
M5 5JR

Higher Broughton

Newbury Place Health Centre
55 Rigby Street 
Higher Broughton
M7 4NX 


Pendleton Gateway
1 Broadwalk
M6 5FX 


Ordsall Health Surgery 
1st Floor
118 Phoebe Street 
M5 3PH

The Podiatry service accepts referrals in a variety of ways.

You can be referred by your GP or any health care professional. You can also refer yourself by completing the referral form and returning: 

By Post to: 

Podiatry Referrals 
1st Floor 
The Willows Centre for Health 
Lords Avenue 
M5 5JR 

By Email to: podiatry.referrals@nca.nhs.uk

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