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Pulmonary rehabilitation is an exercise and education programme designed for people with long-term lung disease who experience symptoms of breathlessness.

The service in Bury is delivered by the Community Respiratory Service at community venues across the borough.

If you have breathlessness which limits your daily activities and have been diagnosed with a lung-related condition you can be referred for Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

A course lasts six weeks and is made-up of two supervised sessions each week with a further session performed independently in your own property. The programme is tailored to suit the needs of each patient based on their condition/s and mobility.

The service can be accessed at a range of locations; including church halls, community centres, and virtually. Each course is supported by a team of respiratory physiotherapists, nurses and exercise professionals.

After finishing the Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme, people are encouraged to continue to complete the exercises at home and are provided with an exercise handbook to continue to manage their condition. They are given information on how to access local community-based activities and exercise classes to continue the progress they have made.

A referral should be completed by a clinician who knows about your general health and has recently had contact with you. This could be your GP, practice nurse or any specialist clinics you attend at a hospital.

Once referred, Bury Community Respiratory Service will post a contact letter so you can confirm your interest and be offered an appointment to be assessed.

The assessment is an opportunity to meet the team and determine your eligibility to join the course, ensuring it is safe for you to exercise in a group environment.

You have the opportunity to discuss venue options and choose the most suitable to you dependent upon times and travel requirements. Courses for 2023 will run in Walmersley and Radcliffe.

Should Pulmonary Rehabilitation not be appropriate.

The service has access to other clinical services such as Speech and Language Therapists, Dieticians and Occupational Therapists to help support you in managing long-term conditions.

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