Tudor Court Intermediate Care Unit - Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale (HMR) Community

Tudor Court Intermediate Care Unit sits within the Integrated Community Services Directorate and is based in the Community of Heywood. It provides 24 beds for patients 18 years and upwards who have been assessed as requiring a period of rehabilitation to enable them to return home. We aim for patients to have a safe and timely discharge home within 14 days. 

Intermediate Care (unenhanced beds). All patients nursing needs are met by Heywood Integrated Neighbourhood Team (District Nurses). 

Patents can be referred from the Acute Setting following surgery or following a period of illness. Patients must not require regular clinical observations or have any nursing needs that cannot be met by the District Nursing Service.  

During your stay you will be cared for/assessed by a Multi-Disciplinary Team including, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist,  Pharmacist’s, GP and Health Care Support Workers, your assessed need will determine the level of support you may need to return home.

All accommodation is on the ground floor, you can visit your friend or relative at the window, these will remain closed during your visit but you can telephone your friend or relative to enable a conversation. Please ensure your friend or relative has day and night clothes, well-fitting footwear, toiletries and if they have one a mobile phone.

Patients are encouraged to get up and dressed during their stay. A supply of clean clothing is needed and regular collections of dirty laundry is required. When visiting please come initially to the front door so we can ensure you are aware of your friend/relative’s current bedroom location.

Tudor Court Intermediate Care Unit

Referrals: Single Point Of Access via Wolstenholme Intermediate Care Unit, Rochdale Infirmary. 

Tel; 01706 517576. 

Wolstenholme Intermediate Care Unit – Rochdale Infirmary. 

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