Dermatological and Rheumatology (Ward M3) - Salford Royal

Ward M3 is a 14 bedded mixed sex Dermatological and Rheumatology unit. We are located on the Fourth floor of the Brooke Building in the orange zone within Salford Royal Hospital. The ward consists of 9 dermatology  and 5 Rheumatology beds.

Dermatology Patients 

We accept referrals from Emergency clinic, Dermatology outpatients, A& E and Elective admissions from various sites linked with Salford Royal Hospital as we are the only hospital with inpatient beds in Greater Manchester. 

We only take medically unstable skin conditions that cannot be managed in an outpatient setting or the community.


Rheumatology patients 

We accept referrals from emergency clinic, rheumatology outpatients, A&E. The services we provide for the patients are: IV Illoprost which consists of a daily infusion over 5 days. 

IVIG daily infusions which run over 3-5 days depending on condition being treated. Investigations such as CT scans to find out why a patient has reduced mobility.

Patients are admitted to the ward, referrals for various specialities are sent such as Physiotherapy, OT, Dietician, Pain Team, social worker (if needed for care packages) 

Dermatology patients are reviewed on a daily basis by a senior member of the team (registrar or above).  Plan of care is discussed with the patient.  Topical treatments are prescribed.  

Rheumatology patients are also reviewed on a daily basis by a senior member of the team (registrar or above).  Plan of care is discussed with the patient.  Some patients will have tests and investigations before starting their infusions.  Most patients will have rheumatology physiotherapy input along side their treatment. 

All patients are swabbed for MRSA on admission and COVID tested day 1,3 and 5.

GP can refer to emergency clinic.

Patients are unable to self-refer.

Dermatology: WWW.BAD.ORG.UK 


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