Wound Care and Lymphoedema - Bury Community

The Wound Care & Lymphoedema Service provides assessment, management and treatment of patients with wounds following trauma/injury or surgery, leg ulcers and pressure ulcers.  The Service also provides assessment and management of patients with swelling to limbs.  Patients are also encouraged to participate in their own care. 

The Service provides clinics across the Borough including Prestwich Health Centre, Whitefield Health Centre, Radcliffe Primary Care Centre, Townside PCC, Moorgate, Tottington Health Centre. 

  • Removal of Sutures/Clips 

  • Assessment of pressure ulcers including prevention,  management and treatment plans 

  • Assessment of lower limb circulation (Dopplers) 

  • Assessment of deteriorating wounds 

  • Assessment and management of abscesses and sinus wounds 

  • Assessment and management of skin tears following trauma/injury 

  • Assessment and management of swollen limbs 

  • Provision of hosiery/garments 

  • Assessment and management of  foot ulcers including those related to diabetes  

  • Management of Burns 

  • Assessment and management of surgical wounds 

Patients should bring a list of medications; they will also be asked about their medical history and allergies as part of the assessment. Any wound care products (dressings) should be brought to the appointment.  

Following assessment, a prescription will be provided to the patient for either garments or dressings which will need to be obtained and brought to future appointments. 

Patients can be referred to the Service by a GP, Podiatrist, District Nurse, Nursing Homes, Specialist Nurses.  Patients can refer themselves if they have been in hospital for surgery and require removal of clips/sutures. 

Following the referral being received into the Service, we will contact you to offer you an appointment and confirm the location of the clinic. 

  • Podiatry  

  • Adult Community Nurses 

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