Staff, volunteer and contractor parking

Staff, volunteer and contractor parking

Staff, volunteers and contractors wishing to park cars at any of our Northern Care Alliance hospitals must display a valid PertmitSmarti permit. 

To apply, follow the steps below:  

  1. Read the ‘Guidance docs’ and FAQs by clicking on the blue buttons at the top right of this page
  2. Register and apply for your PermitSmarti account here

Your PermitSmarti permit is valid across all our Northern Care Alliance (NCA) hospital sites and must be displayed clearly. That means your permit or activated voucher, enables you to park at one or multiple NCA hospital sites on any given day. 

Note that permit applications made after 31 March are currently on hold until pre-31 March applications have been processed and any appeals on unsuccessful applications have been heard. 

Parking permit appeals

If you're appealing an unsucessful application, you can continue to park in staff car parks free of charge while appeals are being heard, as long as you clearly display in your vehicle, the letter you were sent confirming that your application was unsuccessful. 

Alternative travel choices 

Before you apply, first consider if there are alternative ways of travelling to and from work, as well as more flexible ways of working, which will help to free up many more car parking spaces for colleagues, patients and visitors.

The PermitSmarti permit application includes a question in relation to travel change, reducing parking demand and individual car use. There are a number of different commuting options available for all of our work locations and we encourage active and sustainable commuting in the first instance wherever possible. Even if you only use different commute options occasionally, it can make an enormous difference and help support your application.

You’ll find a range of commuting options, as well as a link so that you can create your own personalised journey plan, here.

For information on how to park at our Care Organisations, see details for each CO below.

Bury Care Organisation - Fairfield General Hospital

To park in a staff car park on this site, you will need to display a valid PermitSmart permit. 

Oldham Care Organisation - The Royal Oldham Hospital

To park in a staff car park on this site or at , you will need to display a valid PermitSmarti permit. This also applies to permit-holding staff parking at Oldham Event Centre (OEC) – Boundary Park.

If you're a non-permit holder parking at OEC, you'll need to pay the daily fee when requested by the OEC parking team, who maintain and monitor this car park.  

Salford Care Organisation - Salford Royal

  • You will need a current PermitSmart parking permit to park in our staff car parks including Stott Lane. 
  • Salford Royal’s parking areas are barrier-controlled in most of the site’s locations, which means you need an existing Salford parking permit and fob to access and park in these areas, as well as a valid PermitSmarti permit. 
  • You can park in a staff car park without a fob or permit at:
    • The Store Room and Summerfield House staff parking areas, located on Eccles New Road (a short walk from the hospital) have raised barriers allowing staff access without a fob
    • More staff parking is available on a signed section of the Ladywell Metrolink Park-and-Ride area (Altram) for overspill parking, although staff will need a permit for this car park. Enquire at
    • Note that parking on Stott Lane continues to be enforced so make sure you always display your green permit

Rochdale Care Organisation - Rochdale Infirmary

To park in a staff car park on this site, you will need to display a valid PermitSmart permit. 

Staff Parking Permit Documents

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