Single Electronic Patient Record

Single Electronic Patient Record 

We've begun a number of new change projects to meet the ambitions of our ten-year strategy, drive our digital maturity and help us meet national healthcare standards.

Together they'll help us collaborate, innovate, share and inspire.

As a priority, we'll deliver a Single Patient Record across the NCA, with enhancement. This will help the NCA standardise working practices across all sites so our patients are cared for and monitored to the same standards.

Our future strategy is to improve and enhance how computer systems or software exchange and share information between healthcare services.

This is the largest digital programme ever to be delivered by this Trust. It'll transform how we work together across all our sites, help us provide high quality care, as well as operational excellence, and help us achieve local and national goals.

We are now in the ‘readiness’ phase – reviewing what we need in order to start the implementation across our NCA sites, commencing with inpatient activity.




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