Title Supporting Documents Publication Date
Phototherapy Protocol N/A 30/06/2022
Covering of solo lists by trainees February 2022 QRG N/A 30/06/2022
Resuscitation N/A 29/06/2022
Alteplase (actilyse) to improve blood flow in occluded tunnelled haemodialysis central venous catheters Guideline N/A 29/06/2022
Advanced Adult Life Support (QRG) N/A 28/06/2022
NCA Infection Prevention and Control For Seasonal Respiratory Infections 28/06/2022
Paediatric Advanced Life Support QRG N/A 28/06/2022
NCA interim position on the use of Edoxaban QRG N/A 28/06/2022
Monkeypox sample collection guide for a probable possible case QRG N/A 27/06/2022
Anaesthesia for the obese patient Guideline for N/A 22/06/2022
Preoperative assessment clinic Investigation guidelines for patients having elective surgery N/A 22/06/2022
Pregnant (from16+0 weeks) or postnatal (up to 42 days) management on Emergency Dept or Urgent Treatment Centre N/A 20/06/2022
PGD294 for 20% Human Albumin Solution for Albumin Replacement during Abdominal Paracentesis N/A 20/06/2022
Mask Wearing and Physical Distancing QRG N/A 20/06/2022
Use of neutralising monoclonal antibodies and intravenous antivirals for the treatment of COVID-19 N/A 20/06/2022
Latex Allergy Screening in the Pre-operative Assessment Clinic N/A 20/06/2022
Algorithm for the Management of Diabetes at the End-of-Life QRG N/A 17/06/2022
Maternity Outliers N/A 17/06/2022
Maternity Triage N/A 16/06/2022
Nursing protocol for the screening, follow up and monitoring of dermatology patients prescribed biological therapies for inflammatory skin diseases in the nurse-led drug monitoring clinic N/A 16/06/2022
Heatwave Guidelines N/A 16/06/2022
Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C; Management of positive screen in Mothers and Babies N/A 16/06/2022
Postnatal Care N/A 16/06/2022
Antenatal and Postnatal Mental Health Pathway N/A 16/06/2022
Fetal Growth Restriction (Detection & Management) N/A 16/06/2022
Rashes in Pregnancy; Investigation and Management N/A 15/06/2022
Gynae MDT referrals requested by other specialities (Management of) N/A 15/06/2022
Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management Policy for Childrens Services N/A 15/06/2022
Infection Control Overarching Policy Management of N/A 15/06/2022
Infection Control Surveillance Policy N/A 15/06/2022
Nutrition Support In Adults Part 3 Guidelines for Enteral Tube Feeding N/A 14/06/2022
Therapeutic Hypothermia for Neonatal Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy (HIE) N/A 14/06/2022
Care of the Late Preterm Neonates (34+0- 36+6 Weeks of Gestation at Birth) Within the Maternity Services N/A 14/06/2022
Short-term Enhanced Observation on Delivery Suite for Neonates of More Than or Equal to 37 Weeks Who Are Less Than or Equal to 4 hours of Age N/A 14/06/2022
Safe use of Ligature Cutters Procedure N/A 14/06/2022
Fetal Monitoring in Labour including Fetal Blood Sampling N/A 14/06/2022
National Infection Prevention and Control Manual for England N/A 14/06/2022
Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) N/A 14/06/2022
Nurse-led drug monitoring clinic protocol for the use of systemic therapies in dermatology for patients with inflammatory dermatoses N/A 14/06/2022
Patient Information Policy N/A 13/06/2022
Less Invasive Surfactant Administration( LISA) N/A 13/06/2022
Volume Targeted Ventilation (VTV) in Neonatal Unit N/A 13/06/2022
Golden Hour - Resuscitation & Early Care of Preterm Infants 29+0 Weeks Gestation & Below N/A 13/06/2022
Learning from Deaths Policy N/A 13/06/2022
Cannulation of an Arterio Venous (AV) Fistula for Haemodialysis (HD) QRG N/A 10/06/2022
Scab grading tool QRG N/A 10/06/2022
Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) Using Morphine Sulphate or Fentanyl Citrate for the Management of Acute Pain in Adults N/A 10/06/2022
PGD261 Mupirocin 2% Nasal Ointment. N/A 10/06/2022
PGD260 Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4% Solution. N/A 10/06/2022
PGD262 Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.2% Mouthwash N/A 10/06/2022

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