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Registered dietitians are experts in nutrition and translate research into practical, easy to follow advice. We work with individuals and groups of patients to advise on a range of therapeutic diets. Dietitians work both in preventing ill health through the promotion of dietary awareness as well as treating people with diet related medical conditions.  

The community dietetic service provides nutritional assessments and advice on appropriate diets for specific clinical conditions to adults and children, carers/relatives and staff. Our aim is to help and support patients to follow their diet in a manageable and practical way. We also offer training and advice to other health care professionals. 



The dietetic service in Bury is ‘all-age’ so treats both children and adults. We care for people with a variety of dietary needs including: malnutrition, diabetes, coronary heart disease, allergies and intolerances, modified texture diets, gastroenterological conditions (such as coeliac disease and irritable bowel syndrome), cancer, palliative care, obesity and faltering growth. 

Some adults, children and babies will leave hospital with feeding tubes.  Dietitians care for these patients in the community and ensure the nutrition they receive is adequate. They also support the patient, relatives or carers with the use of the equipment required. 

The dietitian will discuss your referral and ask you about your normal diet, lifestyle, diagnosis, investigations and treatment plans. Your weight and height may be taken along with details of your previous weights and any changes already made to your diet. If you have been keeping a food diary this would be helpful along with a list of any medication taken. 

You will be given advice, information and support and will be provided with an individual dietetic care plan with some points to follow until your next appointment. 

It may be helpful, before the appointment, to think about any questions about your diet you want answered. 

The department is linked to Chester University, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Central Lancashire and provides clinical placements for their student dietitians.  You may see a student dietitian who is being supervised by a qualified dietitian.

Patients will need to be registered with a Bury GP and referred by either their GP or other health care professional. Referrals can be emailed to the email addresses below.  

Our appointment schedule is busy so patients are asked to please contact us as soon as possible if they think they will be unable to attend. This will enable us to offer their slot to another patient. If patients do not attend their appointment they will be discharged from the service and will need another referral if they wish to make a new appointment.

The title dietitian is protected by law and anyone working as a dietitian must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. To check to see if your dietitian is registered or for more details visit The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) | ( 

The British Dietetic Association has produced a range of information leaflets to help you learn the best ways to eat and drink to keep your body fit and healthy. Visit Food Facts ( for more information.  

For information on how to train to become a dietitian visit the British Dietetic Association Homepage ( 

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