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The Oesophago-Gastric (OG) Surgery unit cares for patients who need specialist planned and emergency Oesophageal (gullet) and Gastric (stomach) Surgery. We treat patients with a wide range of OG conditions including benign, bariatric and cancer. Other Upper GI Hepato-Biliary problems (HPB) are cared for by a different local team or the regional HPB unit.

We provide a regional Greater Manchester Oesophago-Gastric Service (GMOGS), for Greater Manchester and the surrounding county areas. As a regional service we support patients from across a wide area from across the North East of England, and receive referrals from other hospitals. GMOGS is based at Salford Royal Care Organisation (SCO), part of the Northern Care Alliance (NCA).

GMOGS provides a unique service for specialist emergency surgical care for the entire Greater Manchester region, particularly for complex and uncommon conditions such as ruptured oesophagus or bariatric and OG cancer emergencies. Please see later section on Referral Information.

We welcome referrals for second opinions, please ask your clinician to contact our Nurse Specialist Team in the first instance.

The service delivered by GMOGS is provided by a wide team of specialists. These team members include Consultant Surgeons, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Advanced Practitioners, Cancer Care Navigators, Highly Specialised Dietitians, MDT (multi-disciplinary) Co-ordinators, Consultant Pathologists, Consultant Radiologists and Specialist Consultant Gastroenterologists and Oncologists.  Our team at Salford works closely with local hospital teams across Greater Manchester to co-ordinate specialist diagnostics and treatments for our patients.


For emergencies, please see the section ‘Referral Information'. 

GMOGS delivers the Oesophago-Gastric (OG) surgical service for patients with OG cancer across Greater Manchester and East Cheshire, which has a catchment population of greater than 3.2 million. We work closely with our colleagues in the Oesophago-Gastric Cancer multi-disciplinary team which includes consultant surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, gastroenterologists and radiologists, as well as nurse specialists, dieticians, endoscopists and many others. GMOGS provides care locally at Salford Royal and maintain close ties with our surrounding partner hospitals across the region, where our clinicians provide outreach clinics.

Multi Disciplinary Team Meeting

The weekly MDT is hosted at Salford Royal to discuss all patients undergoing treatment with OG cancer or suspected cancer. This includes:

  • Staging investigations
  • Health and fitness assessment
  • Definitive treatment plans
  • OG Cancer patients with complex needs

Throughout the journey of diagnosis, investigation and treatment for OG cancer, patients will be guided by their Clinical Nurse Specialist team who are their first port of contact ('contact details').

The Oesophago-Gastric Cancer CNS provide:

  • information about ongoing investigations, diagnosis, proposed surgery (if appropriate), chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy and palliative therapies
  • community help, financial resources, additional support and symptom management
  • advice to patients and their families on both the condition itself and its wider impact
  • disease insight and emotional support throughout the cancer treatment journey
  • education and support to other healthcare professionals
  • Clinical nurse specialists can also provide a useful link between you and other hospital teams and at home.

Support Groups

There are a number of support groups for oesophago-gastric cancer patients throughout Greater Manchester. If you would like to attend please contact your local CNS team for more information about how to attend

  • Salford. Every other month, on the 3rd Wednesday of that month. Mayo Building, Salford Royal Hospital.
  • Stockport. Every other month. At the Beechwood Cancer Care Centre
  • Oldham. Each month on a Thursday. Held at Maggie’s, on the Royal Oldham Hospital site.
  • Wigan. Every other month. At the St Peters Pavilion, Hindley.

Delivery of care by Sector

The delivery of the cancer service is divided into 3 sectors for service purposes. The relevant Consultants and Clinical Nurse Specialists’ are listed below:

The Sectors consist of:


North West

Covering Salford, Wigan and Bolton

Surgical Consultants: J Sultan, A Powell

Salford Clinical Nurse Specialists: S Pollard, E Barron, C Latchford



Covering Central Manchester (MRI), Stockport, Tameside, Wythenshawe and Macclesfield

Surgical Consultants: C Grocock, N Farooq, B Alkhaffaf

Salford Clinical Nurse Specialists: S Pagett, L Wood, AM Statham


North East

Covering Rochdale, Oldham, North Manchester and Bury

Surgical Consultants: J Vickers, R Chaparala, JH Saunders

Salford Clinical Nurse Specialists: H Molloy, M Eiffe

We are a thriving research active unit, including primary research from Salford and National and International basic science, clinical studies, and randomised controlled trials.

We commonly present at national meetings, and are published widely across the fields of oesophago-gastric cancer, benign and bariatric disease.

We have a number of current researchers pursuing higher degrees in conjunction with the University of Manchester.

The GMOGS Team is led by Mr Javed Sultan.

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Conditions we treat: Cancer, Bariatric, Benign  

Cancer of the Oesophagus (gullet), stomach and GIST tumours

Whilst much of the care for Greater Manchester cancer patients occurs closer to home at their local hospital or at the Christie, oesophago-gastric (OG) cancer surgery is all undertaken at Salford Royal.

The most common procedures undertaken are:

  • Oesophagectomy (removal of part or all of the oesophagus).
  • Gastrectomy (removal of part or all of the stomach).
  • Wedge resections: Gastro-intestinal Stromal Tumours (GIST) are frequently treated with more limited operations such as laparoscopic (keyhole) wedge resections of the stomach.
  • All approaches including open, hybrid and totally minimally invasive approaches are offered.

We also host the regional prophylactic total gastrectomy service, for those with a proven genetic predisposition to hereditary early-onset diffuse gastric cancer.

Obesity and related diseases.

We are the home of the Greater Manchester NHS Bariatric Service.

With extensive support from the wider Bariatric MDT including metabolic physicians, psychologists, nurse specialists and dieticians we routinely perform bariatric surgical procedures including:

  • Gastric bypass (also known as ‘full’ or ‘roux en-y’ bypass)
  • sleeve gastrectomy
  • single anastomosis gastric bypass (also known as the ‘mini’ bypass)
  • gastric balloon insertion
  • adjustable gastric band (in specialist selected cases)
  • revisional bariatric surgery

Benign conditions of the oesophagus and stomach

We accept referrals from GPs, other healthcare professionals, and hospitals for a wide range of benign OG conditions requiring surgery such as:

  • Achalasia – Lap Hellers, Botox, Balloon or endoscopic POEM treatment
  • Reflux disease requiring Anti-Reflux Surgery (fundoplication), including revisional surgery
  • Symptomatic hiatus hernias, including complex/giant hiatus hernias
  • Diaphragmatic hernias
  • Complications of gastric or duodenal ‘peptic’ ulcer disease
  • Barrett's oesophagus
  • Gallbladder and gallstone Disease – 'laparoscopic cholecystectomy'
  • Other disorders of the oesophagus (e.g. motility or diverticulae)

There is Benign Oesophago-Gastric MDT (since Dec 2021) for complex benign pathology, which takes referrals from secondary care clinicians from across Greater Manchester and beyond.

We contribute to the National Hiatus Hernia Surgical Database.

Endoscopic Treatments

We undertake routine diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopy procedures, including dilatation, botox and feeding tube insertion.

Our team also provides a regional service for more specialist endoscopic techniques, including oesophageal or duodenal stent insertion, endoscopic ultra-sound (EUS), endoscopic resections (EMR/ESD) and radio-frequency ablation (HALO). We have started a POEM programme.

You will meet some of our Upper GI team members who will guide and support you though your journey.

If you are attending any of our outpatient clinics, please be patient, waiting times can be lengthy due to the complex nature of our consultations.

You can bring a family member with you to our clinics.

If you are coming for a dedicated test one of the team will make contact with you in advance with specific details to support your visit.

Nearest Car Park on site: Central

Cash payments at our parking machines. Machines are located by the Hope Building & Ladywell Building Entrances, plus at Zone 5 (the Ground Floor of the Multi- Storey Car Park) and accept coins and notes.

Card & Contactless payments at parking machines. Machines are located in Central car park by the Hope Building & Ladywell Building Entrances, plus at Zone 5 (the Ground Floor of the Multi- Storey Car Park).

Card & Contactless payments at parking exit barriers.  If you been unable to pay at a machine, Card / Contactless payment using either your ticket or vehicle number plate recognition is available at the exit barriers before departure.

Payment at the Car Parking Office. Our Car Parking Office, located on the Ground Floor of the Hope Building is able to take payments for parking in exceptional circumstances or concessions during Monday to Friday daytimes.

We welcome referrals from senior doctors at other hospitals for patients with cancer, bariatric and benign OG problems, for an opinion or treatment.

All suspected OG cancer referrals should be made via the local OG CNS team for triage and entry into the best time pathway and OG MDT, using the dedicated proforma and referral pathway.

We also welcome second opinion cancer referrals from other centres around the country and ask that you make contact with the CNS Team in the first instance, who will direct the referral to the most relevant clinician in a timely fashion.

There is an OG ‘hot clinic’ Monday to Friday available for urgent assessment of emergency patients. There is an advanced Clinical practitioner attached to the On-Call Team to promote continuity of care. There is a 24-hour Consultant Specialist surgical On-Call rota for the care of OG inpatients.

We provide an OG emergency service for problems such as:

  • Proven perforated oesophagus (either on CT, contrast swallow or endoscopy)
  • Anastomosis leak after oesophagectomy
  • Strangulated hiatus hernia
  • Bariatric emergencies

The OG Consultant Surgeon can be contacted through the General On-Call Surgical Registrar via switch board as required.

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